New Style Entertainment Centers for New Style TV’s

This past year we’d a brand new dilemma. Our old TV died, so we needed to customize the one. In ways, using the new digital conversion to occur this season, it was good. However a new TV wasn’t the dilemma, the dilemma would be a new entertainment center. Previously, a brand new TV didn’t imply that you needed to alter the large furniture pieces within your house, however with the brand new style flat TV, this time around it had been necessary.

Now, I really like our new TV, and thus do all of the males in the home who’ve to hold it. Our old 27 TV should have considered about 200 pounds., but our new and bigger TV weighs in at under 50 pounds, so change is nice. However the TV wouldn’t squeeze into our entertainment center, so looking for a brand new one and locating the perfect one for the living room was our mission.

If this involves entertainment centers, individuals have different needs. The primary dependence on my old entertainment center was one which could completely shut away the tv. However that was whenever we resided within our old house so we only were built with a family room. Having a separate living room now, which was not this kind of important feature.  The primary feature I had been thinking about this time around was one which saved space. Our old entertainment center was very deep to shut away the television and required up lots of space on the floor.  We certainly didn’t need this any longer, and so i was happy for that room. Our living room is narrow, and so i only wanted something to carry the television and also the extra components.

Creating Your Home Theatre System with Direct Tv

Should you simply want something easy and not very complex, then Direct TV has got the fundamental options you need to manage. This fundamental option would be a no-extra supplies option which will still provide you with 100s of channels to help keep you occupied during the day. These channels are offered straight to your family room, in addition to as much as three other rooms inside your household. All the Televisions that you simply hook up with this fundamental system can get superb picture and seem quality, quality that’s a lot better than the cable television technology nowadays.

If you want the thought of ditching VHS tapes and rather recording your shows electronically, then you will want to go for Direct TV Digital recording device. This Video Recording technologies are super convenient, and will help you to record your preferred programs, shows, movies, and sporting activities when you are away or on holiday. A Digital recording device is essentially a alternative for that traditional VHS nowadays, and it is perfect if you wish to avoid the irritation of VHS tapes. If you feel there is not much room to record your preferred programs, reconsider. The Digital recording device system from Direct TV enables you to record an astonishing 70 hrs of video onto its integrated hard disk. You will not need to bother about finding blank tapes any longer, the area for the programs is made right to the hard disk.

If you prefer a true home entertainment system for the family room, then have the advantage of hd (HD). High definition tv quality is essentially just like theatre quality, by having an aspect ratio of 16:9 – identical to the giant screen commercial cinemas nowadays. The High definition tv technology also uses Dolby Digital 6.1 multichannel audio. Fasten a couple of in a position loudspeakers around your family room and be ready for the very best in seem quality, too.

The Evolving Home Entertainment Center

There’s a strong possibility that the house entertainment center you’ve today is not the same as the main one you’d ten, five, or perhaps a few years ago. The eighties and 90’s styles are becoming a lot more not practical now as wireless technologies and lcd televisions have grown to be mainstream.

Like a kid, the house entertainment center would be a simple trolley that located the television along with a VCR. Not so impressive, however it labored fine. It may have were built with a little storage shelf, however i have no clue that which was put there. There is no such factor like a handheld remote control so each time we would have liked to alter channels we needed to create a little trip over the room to change channels. Obviously, there have been only three channels therefore it is nothing like we needed to change it out that frequently. Fortunately, Televisions was raised and thus did the places people insert them in.

After I got out by myself and also got a TV it simply resided on the simple table. That labored acceptable for just one guy. But marriage changes many things. Soon we “needed to have” a much better spot to place the TV because my spouse desired to have the ability to close them back from view. So, handyman that i’m, I leaped to save the day. I built a house entertainment center which was a factor of beauty to behold. Wood, plenty large, retractible doorways, plenty of storage, along with a massive open cavity to accommodate a absurdly heavy TV.  LIke other large entertainment centers, that one was ideal for what it really was. Plus, the very best had plenty of display space for household goods.

VP’s Wife, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, Celebrities Honour Project Smile


Wife of the Vice President of Nigeria, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo among other guests which included celebrities, diplomats, and captains of industries were present at the Project Smile 3.0 Smile Makeover Award Ceremony & Fund Raising event which took place last weekend at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Mrs. Osinbajo clad in a predominantly pink & green -pattern African print graced the occasion with an inspiring speech in support of the Project Smile cause. She commended the initiative and applauded the vision as noble and worthy of encouragement to better the society.

Rapper DMX jailed for 6 months

The rapper was jailed in Buffalo, New York yesterday July 14th for failing to comply with a family court ruling. He was asked by a court to pay back child support to one of his baby mamas but he didn’t. When he appeared in court yesterday, a judge slapped him with a 6 months sentence and he was immediately locked up in Erie County Holding Center.

DMX has been arrested many times in the past few years, but this is the first prison sentence since 2011.

Photo: ISIS releases a video of a child beheading a Syrian army captain

Yesterday, ISIS released a brutal execution video, which shows a child fighter beheading a Syrian army captain in Palmyra. ISIS claimed the army officer was captured near Hir Palace, located in the western countryside of Homs. In the video, a soldier is seen giving a knife to the boy, who does the beheading and puts the head over his lifeless body.

ISIS have started using little children for executions. Just two weeks ago, ISIS released an execution video showing teenagers executing 25 Syrian soldiers by shooting them in the head in Palmyra

More photos of the guy who sat on nothing…

He was spotted at Allen Junction, Ikeja yesterday. I know it’s a trick but it’s still astounding…More pics after the cut…

Man stabs 79 year old to death after the pensioner crashed into his ‘Classic car’

A man said to be in his 30s stabbed a 79 year old man to death last night on the A24 road at Findon, West Sussex, UK after a minor crash. The pensioner was said to have crashed into the man’s car and he got out of the car to confront the old man. They began arguing and the young man stabbed the old man multiple times, got into his car and drove off. Other road users called police and paramedics

An air ambulance crew and paramedics desperately carried out first aid on the pensioner, but he died at the roadside. Police are hunting the knifeman, who is described as a white man, aged between 30 and 40, 6ft tall, skinny with shoulder length brown wavy hair with a thin face.

Check out what Keyshia Cole wore to the beach with her Mum

33 year old Keyshia Cole went to the beach with her Mum and almost had a nip slip. Imagine going to the beach here with your Mum dressed like that.